Where I go to learn


Stacking Benjamins

The Stacking Benjamin show is a network who’s podcast I listen to frequently. They joke around and keep things lighthearted while talking about everyday finances, investing, and entrepreneurialism. They joke about their audience never learning anything, but I have a hard time going anywhere else for random financial advice.

They’ve definitely shaped my opinions on finances, for the better of course.


Crash course

A YouTube channel hosted by teachers who were looking for another outlet to teach their subjects. They bring on multiple teachers to speak about their specialty, they give a great quick run down of every subject. They have courses from philosophy to computer programming.

Their short video style lets you learn in bite sized chunks, while their great content and visuals can keep you watching for hours. Like I did with their astronomy course.


stuff you should know

A podcast I listen to when I want to learn about something completely random. They’re about 45 minutes to an hour long and can range in topics from “What was the most peaceful time in history” to “How skyscrapers work”. They joke around enough to keep things light, but they also go in depth enough that you walk away actually knowing something.

It’s a great podcast to toss on in place of a radio in your car.


Honorable mentions

-To be filled

-To be filled

-To be filled