Am I supposed to hurt every day??


So since this journey began, almost a month ago now, I’ve had some weekly goals I need to achieve every week. Some of them easier than others, I have one about financial consistency that’s just about me paying my bills every month and putting a chunk in to my savings and investing accounts. That one is set up automatically with my bank, so that’s about as easy as it can get. Other ones however…. Like my work out schedule, are a bit more of a chore….

I’ve committed to working out at least 3 times a week, but because I’m enthusiastic I end up working out a little more often than that. I’m not doing anything crazy, just some simple curls, lifts, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. I’ve got 20 lbs weights, and no other equipment so I’m sort of limited by that. I’ve been eating pretty well and getting a solid 7ish hours a night, but my god…. EVERYTHING hurts. My joints ache, my muscles scream, and just reaching up to grab things from my cupboard hurts my shoulders.

I used to be in pretty good shape as a teenager, I don’t remember things hurting this much just from working out from time to time. Maybe I’m getting old? If this is 29 though I can’t imagine what 40+ must be like. I’ve seen a number of 40+ year old people who have very active lives, some who are pretty buff to boot, so maybe I’m just a wimp. That’s possible.

Let me give a bit of back story on why I think physical fitness is one of my dream goals. I have a few conditions that are known to get worse as your health fails, mild Tourette syndrome, mild adhd, and asthma to name a few. All of which are things I’d like to mitigate as much as possible and a properly taken care of body helps with all of those and so many other conditions that might spring up later in life. Taking care of my body is also a matter of shallow pride as well, it’s no secret that being fit and healthy increases a persons confidence and outlook on life, both things I’d love to bring to the table as I move forward.

Also, as a silly side note, my great great grandfather as well as my grand father died at the age of 81. I’ve already told my father that when he gets close to his 82nd birthday I’ll schedule us for sky diving, followed by a white-water rafting trip, and if he survives that we’ll go bear wrestling. (He can go first though) So if all 3 of those men lived to 81, I have to get there as well and we’ll have a family legend of the men who always happen to die on their 81st birthday. Spooky huh?

Anyhow, proper health is such a benefit to a persons over all life that if it wasn’t something I was working on then basically everything else would be a waste. I could become the most interesting man in the world, but if I die at 35 from poor health then what was the point? There’s really no goal or achievement more important than maintaining good health. Excluding raising good children or taking care of someone else in need of course. There are some things greater than yourself.

I’d get in to more, but this isn’t the rambling section of the podcast, it’s just the blog. The short of it is that overall health should be a goal for everyone, and one we take a lot more seriously than we are right now. I’m not exactly a poster boy for health, sitting at 250 lbs, but even I can say that without health there’s no need for wealth.

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