Why getting started is easy


I’m sure you’ve heard “The first step is the hardest”, or “Mondays are the worst”, or something to that effect. But, does that make sense? Or is that just a mindset problem?

Let me explain. I’m one of those people who’s so full of ideas and things they’d like to do that I honestly never get anything done. I can’t finish things because before I get even close to the goal something else will have popped up in my head and I’m off to get that idea started. If you remember the “SQUIRREL!” dog from the movie UP, that’s me.

For me Tuesdays are what Mondays seem to be for everyone else. Maybe I’m just dense and it takes a full day for it to sink in, but I don’t think that’s the case. I see it like this, Monday should be your best rested day of your whole week. That first step should be something you do right after making the decision to start, so in my mind you should be at your most motivated, right?

It's all a matter of how you see the thing you’re trying to accomplish. Your first time working out might be physically harder on your body, but I’ve found I can get much further on motivation than on what I’d call “real” stamina. I’ve had days where I was fully rested and in great health where I’d only get about half of my workout in because I’d get bored of it and just call it quits early. Where as other days I’d workout, running purely on motivation, and end up pushing myself to the point of collapsing only to end up basically bedbound the next day.

This has been my experience throughout my life to this point, not so much a problem getting started but a problem keeping up the momentum. Because that makes the most sense, as time goes on you’re going to run out of stamina or attention for the thing you’re doing and it’ll slowly get harder to keep going. Which is me basically saying that I’ve been crushing this whole self-growth thing since I’ve started. Work-outs, scheduling, and the funny posts have been a lot of fun to do. Buuuuttt I can tell harder times are up ahead as I run out of steam it’ll be harder and harder to keep up this pace.

But for now this blurb has gone on for long enough. Maybe I’m just weird, but what do you think? Do you agree? Did I change your mind about getting started?

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