How I track my progress

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My whiteboard

This is the bulk of my progress tracking.

I have my weekly consistency goals, which won’t change much from week to week. A week gets colored in green as a check that I completed all my weekly goals on that week, and red if I failed to finish them all. These are all about consistently doing the little things that will help me reach my dream goals.

And then I my have longer term goals, goals that have multiple steps I need to complete to finish them. These aren’t dreams, but goals I have set for the near future.(within about 2 months) They’re posted on my whiteboard so I don’t lose sight of them as goals. They’re basically constant reminders of what I need to be doing.

My many lists

My lists…. oh my god…. now that I have them all out, it’s too many lists…

I have 1 main to-do list, it sites on my computer desk and never leaves that spot. I check off items as I finish them, and as new things come up they get added. Anything that doesn’t get finished that day is pushed on to the next days list until it finally gets finished.

Then I have my many other lists…. I have lists of fantasy goals I think would be cool to achieve, what we’d like to have in a house, placed we’d like to travel, things we’d like to try, thing I’d like to cook, names we will NOT be naming out future kids, and just…. too many lists. But I feel like it helps to get the thoughts out of my head and on to paper, so that is where they are.

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Monthly health self check up

We started doing a monthly health self check up to keep an eye on an injury I had to make sure it wasn’t getting worse. But that quickly evolved in to an overall health check to monitor how well we were both feeling in an attempt to catch anything that might sneak up on us.

And now…. it’s evolved in to my own fitness tracker. Tracking day to day is silly and even tracking your weight once a week seems obsessive to me. It’s not about losing weight, it’s about over all health.

On the first of every month, we check our weight, resting and working heart rate, and then the number of squats and pushups we’re able to do in one go without dropping. We compare those numbers to the previous months, and thats basically it. Simple.

Blank trackers

-To be filled