Future projects

A list ideas of things I want to create/do.


Adulting book

A book of stories, full of my mistakes and things I’ve learned from them. I envision people all over north america reading my book while sitting on their toilets. And then if there’s enough interest, I’d like to create a second book of reader submitted mistakes and lessons learned.

If you know some helpful tips and tricks about publishing/writing books, or would like to submit a mistake you learned a lesson from, E-mail me at adultingtoadulthood@gmail.com


Animated podcasts

I have plans on finding an animator, or some bored shlub who’s pretty good at drawing, and bringing them along to animate each weeks podcast for a video friendly audience. The project would take about a week to get started, but once the initial set-up is completed it would only consume 2-4 hours a week using the style I’m cooking up.

If you are or know someone crazy enough to join up, E-mail me at adultingtoadulthood@gmail.com