Dreams Vs Goals

My dream self is going to be my focus for the next 12 months. We all have one, a perfect you that you envision, the you who has all of the qualities and skills you admire and wish that you had. For me, that person is a world travelling engineer who’s great at but isn’t limited to; cooking, mechanical/electrical repairs, alcohol brewing, money, language, music, home renovations, child raising, dancing, and of course who’s fit as a Greek god.

There are many more thing I’d like to be good at, but I could be happy without them. That dream version of me is such a far leap from where I am now that I need to break down that dream in to manageable goals. So below are a list of 3 short term goals I’ve set, along with the progress I’ve made on them up to this point. Further below that will be a list of goals I’ve accomplished, along with a link to the related blog/podcast/vlog where I talk about it and why I felt it was important.


Goal 1 - Weight loss

I currently sit at 250 lbs, my heaviest being 260 lbs, this is quite a bit more weight than I should be carrying around at my height and build. Sooooo… as a nice little short term goal I plan to get down to 240 lbs, its not a huge challenge but its a step in the right direction.

To be COMPLETED by: January 6th

tracker blank.png

Goal 2 - First investing win

Before and during college I was barely surviving paycheck to paycheck, since finishing I’ve put my nose to the grind stone and paid off my consumer debts and I opened both my first mutual fund and private investing account. I’ve bought a handful of stocks in different companies, but I’ve yet to sell anything. So, this goal is to make my first positive investment, to sell a stock and make a profit on it.

To be COMPLETED by: January 31st

Yes-No tracker blank.png

Goal 3 - Cook 4 meals I’ve never attempted before

I’ve worked part time in a few restaurants, some smaller and some bigger, so I’m not exactly terrible in a kitchen. I would however like to learn from other cultures and pick up some new recipes to try out. A quick google search shows we spend about 32 THOUSAND hours eating in our life times, I for one think if we’re going to put that much time in to it, we need to do better than flash frozen dinners.

To be COMPLETED by: January 20th

0-4 tracker blank.png

Completed goals

None yet. :’(