What is A2A and why does it exist?

Adulting To Adulthood(A2A) is the online journaling of my attempts at self improvement to become the me I thought I would be before I turned 30. I began journaling about my own progress and the things I was learning on a weekly basis, but I wasn’t sharing them. As my 29th birthday came closer, and the panic started to set in, a friend suggested I post my progress online and to channel the energy that comes from panicking in to something productive.

I’m already panicked enough as it is, so I decided that the community I wanted to build around myself with my site and journaling had to have a sense of humor. Because of that the logo and philosophy of my site was born, relaxed but driven. The logo is a wine glass and paperwork in hopes to get that message across, and if you follow along on any of our social medias you’ll see more of that. Sharing jokes and interesting internet finds on the weekdays, followed by weekends of tightening the belt and talking seriously about life. (Life being everything from our finances to our emotional states)

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